Free remotely hosted cgi scripts. has given itself the task of giving away FREE CGI scripts. To who? To YOU. We do this because we know how bothersome is having an account on a free web space provider and not being able to use your own CGI scripts, or that you just don't know how to make or use custom CGI script. lets you have those CGI scripts you have always wanted, absolutely FREE. "What's the catch?" you say.... Well there is no catch to this. All you have to do is signup and instantly you will have the CGI scripts listed below.

General Features:

  • FREE!!
  • Fully customizable to fit your needs.
  • Will run on any server and from anywhere in the web.
  • You don't waste space on your own site.
  • Plus other countless features.


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Free Guestbook - More info
Free Hit Counter - More info
Free Spam Fighter - More info
Free META Tag Generator - More info
Free TellMe - More info
J-Box - More info
Free Clock - More info
Free Date - More info
Free Random Link - More info
Free Short URL - More info
Free Search Engine Position Analyzer - More info

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